Planning with Therm Energy

If you are planning any building work or demolitions, you need to apply to your local planning authority (e.g. your local council). The planning department will decide whether your project is allowed to take place and if so will give planning permission.

Many approved applications are subject to conditions. Some of these conditions are concerned with energy efficiency in that many local planning authorities require a percentage of the energy to be used in new residential, commercial or industrial developments to come from on-site renewable energy technologies.

Small scale renewable energy schemes utilising these technologies such as solar panels, biomass heating, small scale wind turbines, photovoltaic cells and combined heat and power schemes can be incorporated both into new developments and some existing buildings.

Along with solar, wind and water, there are three other low carbon technologies you can use to reduce energy use in your home. These are ground and air source heat pumps, bio-energy and micro-combined heat and power (micro-CHP). Different green energy technologies are more suited to some types of homes than others.

Therm Energy has considerable experience in dealing with planning applications with renewable energy conditions and can supply calculations which can justify the use of one renewable energy source over another.


Prices start from £270 + VAT for a single dwelling requiring 10% of energy requirement to be from renewable sources.
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