Ventilation Testing - Part F

Our fully accredited Air Leakage & Sound Assessors can also carry out domestic Ventilation Testing on your project.

This service, a requirement of Building Regulations Part F, validates air flow measurements for the new dwelling and ensures that the system has been configured correctly. The test is carried out using UKAS calibrated equipment by our Assessors, BINDT qualified engineers.

Due to the increasing complexity of the Building Regulations, ventilation strategies and system design must be considered at the earliest stages of building design. The Building Regulations consider three ventilation types:

"Whole Building" (formerly referred to as "background") ventilation to provide fresh air to dilute and disperse low levels of water vapour and other pollutants, usually by the provision of background ventilators or mechanical supply ventilation.

"Local extract" (formerly referred to as "extract") ventilation in rooms where most water vapour or concentrated pollutants are released, usually by mechanical means such as extract fans.

"Purge" (formerly referred to as "rapid") ventilation for the rapid dilution and removal of high concentrations of pollutants from occasional activities, usually by opening windows.

In order for us to complete your tests we will require your SAP calculations, ventilation details and plans.

If this service is booked at the same time as air or sound testing discounts may be applied. Please contact the office on 01903 884357 for further details or to discuss prices.
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